Photo Gallery

August 2008

October 2008

Seth's Wedding

Ice Skating 2008

Daigle Halloween Party

Halloween 2008

Amelia's 5th Birthday

Hanser Griswell Photo Shoot


Amelia Island Siblings 2008

Avery's 5th Birthday

Logan's First Haircut

July 2008

Amelia Island Friends 2008

June 2008

Amelia Island Family 2008

Atlanata Trip 2008

Dance Recital June 2008

Iowa Trip June 2008

May 2008

Logan's 1st Birthday

Ezera's 2nd Birthday

April/March 2008

iPhone Early 2008

Texas Caucus 2008

February 2008

January 2008

New Years 2008

Late December

Christmas 2007

December 2007

Santa Skip 2007

Girls Christmas Photos 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Logan's at 6 Months

Amelia's 4th Birthday

October 2007

September 2007

Amelia's Cousins

August 2007

Late July 2007

Sophie's 4th Birthday

Mid July 2007 (iPhone)

July 4th, 2007

Iowa Trip July 2007

June 2007

Amelia and Logan 5/07

Mimi/Grandaddy Visit 5/07

Heather/Dee Visit 5/07

Amelia's Dance Recital 5/07

Amelia Swimming 5/07

Logan 4-9 Days Old

Logan 2-4 Days Old

Logan Griswell's Birth 4/07

Hanser's Visit 2/07

Amelia and Parker 12/06

Christmas 2006

Amelia Christmas 2006 Photo Shoot


Amelia's 3rd Birthday Party 11/06

Halloween Dance Class 10/06

Halloween Party 10/06

Trick-or-Treat 10/06

Matthew's 4th Birthday

Hanser's 10/06 Visit

Amelia at the Park 9/06

Kiddie Acres 9/06

Old School Petts

Disc Golf August 2006

Amelia Playing House 8/06

Avery Ranch Pool 8-06

Amelia at Dance June 2006

Trip to Iowa June 2006

Amelia at Dance July 2006

Amelia Island 2006

Atlana 2006

Amelia at 2 1/2

Bella's 3rd Birthday

Easter 2006

Abigail's Birthday 2006

Iowa Trip 03/06

Kite Festival

TREX-450XL SE Helicopter

The Boecking's Baby shower

Christmas 2005

Climbing Closet Mockup

Christmas Prep 12/05

Thanksgiving 2005

Amelia's 2 year Birthday Party

Trip to Atlanta 9/05

Amelia in October

Halloween 2005

Amelia sleeping in her Big Bed

Amelia Getting a Hair Cut 9/05

Amelia at the Pool 8/05

Amelia Playing Soccer 8/05

Trip to Steamboat Springs 2005

Amelia at 20 Months

Thelma's 80th Birthday

Amelia at iMac

Amelia at Water Park 6-05

Trip to Amelia Island 5-05

Bella's 2nd Birthday party

Amelia in paper pit

Amelia riding her trike

Amelia playing with her toy kitchen

Amelia in Blue Bonnets 4-05

Amelia at a Fair 4-05

Amelia playing with mulch and a vacuum

Amelia playing with doll 3-05

Amelia playing with bubbles 3-05

Amelia wearing a new Hat

Amelia at the Park 3-13-05

Amelia at the Park 2-05

Amelia at the Park 1-05

Amelia at Jax's 2 year Birthday Party

Amelia in a red scraf.

Amelia at 13 1/2 Months.

Cleaning the Garage.

Chritmas 2004.

Play group Chritmas party.

Amelia at 13 Months.

Amelia's first haircut.

Thanksgiving 2004 in Denver.

Amelia's 1 year birthday party.

Amelia and some Birthday Presents

Amelia and friends trick-or-treating.

Ladies in Iowa.

Amelia at a pumpkin patch.

Amelia and Pumpkins @ 11 months

Amelia and Daddy Day

Amelia at 10 1/2 months

Amelia at 10 months

Amelia at 9 months

Petts Bissing Wedding

Amelia at 7 months

Amelia in a basket

Amelia at 6 months

Mother's Day 2004

Trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Easter in Iowa!

Amelia eating and outside in Texas.

Amelia paints, finds toes and teeths

The Baby Tour 2004

Amelia at 2 1/2 months

New colors on some walls

Amelia @ Jax's 1 yr Birthday Party

Amelia @ 2 Months

New Years Eve 2003

Christmas 2003 in Austin Texas

Amelia @ 1 Month

Thanksgiving 2003

Amelia's first walk

Amelia 1-5 Days Old

Amelia's Birth

Abigail at 9 months


Hutch and Couch

MiniTwin RC Plane

Abigail at 8 months

Camera Test Photos (Abgail, Cat, ect ...)

Abigail at 7 months

Abigail at 6 months

Abigail at 5 months

Micro Helicopter

Barry's Horatio Alger Award Trip - Washington DC

Hawaii 2003 Vacation

Digi Q Race Track

Family Visit  January 2003

Zagi 400x (Christmas Airplane :)

Pictures of Recent Home Additions

New Lights in the House

Sky Scooter Pro 2 (R/C Airplane)

Micorcart Senior Design Helicopter

New Years 1998

Dave and Janelle's Wedding

ISU Volleyball Pictures

Various House Pictures


Chris Diercks' Blind Fish

Iowa Canoe Trip Fall 2000

Iowa Canoe Trip Fall 1999

Ben Harper in Ames

Friends in Ames

Commander and Chief?